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Personal Information: Do not post personal information, such as full names, email addresses, phone numbers, or home/business addresses in the group threads. Personal details should only be disclosed in the PMB or Private/Restricted/Hidden forums. Posts containing any personal information will be deleted and could be dangerous. Also, ensure that you do not share any financial information through private message since private messages are not encrypted. Private messages are invisible to the users who are not addressed in the message. However, since the data is not encrypted, your financial information shared through the website might not be secure.

Private Communication: Posting the content from a private communication or PMB in a publicly viewable area of the forum is not permitted. Private communications include any medium where the involved parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as: emails, chat logs, instant messenger logs, private messages, private social group posts, reputation comments, etc. Such private communications are to remain private, not shared with third parties. Any such private communication content posted will be removed.

Group discussions: Please ensure that there exists a forum thread(provided in the description of the group) for each and every group. Any group created without a forum thread can be deleted by the moderators. Users are requested to use the closed groups only for discussing sensitive information which otherwise could not be shared in the public domain.  An example of such a post in the group would include scheduling a site visit as a group, details which could be personal in nature, etc. We would also suggest you to screen the potential group members before they join the designated group. You could do this by sending private messages before you add them to the group or add them as a friend. The group admin should also ensure that he does not stop responding to genuinely interested group members. If group members do not receive any response(in negative or positive), then they can contact the moderators. If the group admin fails to comply with the above mentioned guidelines, the moderators reserves the right to change the group admin.

Sharing general information in the open forums could benefit the users by providing them more information and bringing new potential members into the group. This would also ensure that other members searching for possible properties would get interested in such threads and would provide information that will help in growth and exchange of information. 

Please note that the moderators can view abnd update/modify any content in the closed groups. Closed groups should not be used for anything other than property discussions. Use "report group" option within the group to report non-compliance of any terms and conditions. The users are allowed to create a limited number of groups and the limit could be changed from time to time. 

Property Develpers, Agents/Brokers: Property developers/brokers/agents are not allowed to use this forum. Our forum is also off-limits to consultants with vested interest. Repeated offendors will be banned from

City Inclusion: In case you do not find your city/area, please mail the category under which the city must be made available to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will include your city. You can also post your city details in the Notify to include your city under Main Forum.

These forum rules are supplemental to the following India Real Estate Forums( & Conditions:

Forum Rules - Updated 25th February, 2013 Terms & Conditions of India Real Estate Forums' ( Use

Terms and Conditions of Forums Use: By using India Real Estate Forums(, you are agreeing to be bound by India Real Estate Forums' terms. This applies to any registration method including, but not limited to, facebook. If you don't wish to be bound by what you read below, you shouldn't participate in our forums. As a member, you understand that the use of the Forums is at your own risk, and ( holds no responsibility.

India Real Estate Forums( will take no responsibility and hence, is not liable for any legal action for any representations about product features or warranties or performance or quality or usability or safety or any other aspect of the end product or service. The maxim of ‘buyers beware’ applies here and buyers should do their own due diligence before making any commitments or purchases. If these terms confuse you, please feel free to contact India Real Estate Forums(

India Real Estate Forums( or its staff DOES NOT acxt as a broker/representative in any of the real estate group buying listings on our forums.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use in addition to this post.