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The sale deed is a document that is executed by the seller of a property in faour of the buyer. The buyer in return has to pay stamp duty and registration fee that varies based on the state. 
In sale deed, the thumb prints and photographs of the seller and buyer are taken digitally in most state, except Chattisgarh and Kerala. In some states, the photo of the witness or identifier is also fixed. In some states such as Jhaarkand, West Bengal, Madhya pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra, particulars such as that of the seller, purchaser, property details, sale consideration amount, stamp duty payment details, etc. should be entered online prior to registration of deed.
Precautions to be considered:
  1. Ensure that the stamp duty expected by the state has been paid in the sale deed. The stamp duty can be paid in the form of stamp papers, DD or through e-stamping mode. The copy of Demand draft and e-payment challan should also be amde available
  2. The deed should be numbered.
  3. The document should not have any conditCheck.
  4. Che that the signatures of the buyer and seller are available. Some time ago, only sellers used to sign on sale deeds.
  5. Check  whether the seller has agreed to compensate the buyer in case any issue occurs in the title at a later date MN
  6. Ensure that the description of property or schedule of property is right.
  7. The title flow of the property along with documents showing shift of title to seller should be correctly mentioned.
  8. In case of transfer of property through PoA, ensure that the PoA has not been revoked, the grantor of PoA is alive, and that the agent has the required power to execute deed.

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