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The most commonly marketed plots in and around Chennai include Panchayat, CMDA and DTCP approved plots. There are numerous questions on the layouts approved by nodal authorities or town planning authorities.

The commonly marketed layouts which do not have approval are often marketed as Panchayat approved lands. This terminology has been unofficially associated with layouts which are unapproved by town planning authority (e.g. DTCP) or nodal authority (e.g. CMDA). If you had not read about how Panchayat approval is illegal unapproved layout, you can read about it.

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is responsible for carrying out developmental activities on land and buildings in Tamil Nadu with the exception of municipal areas in Chennai. The area within the Chennai Corporation comes under the nodal authority CMDA (formerly MMDA). The approval from DTCP or CMDA carry the benefit of owning a land which can be used for the specific purpose that is designated by the planning authority. The approval process involves time and cost which are often the main reasons due to which many developers prefer to sell unapproved layouts. The state government allows approval of such unapproved plots by floating schemes which offer regularization against a fixed fee. The approval process can also be initiated by contacting the respective planning authorities without the special schemes but is often not an easy process for individuals. The State Government is planning for such a scheme in Tamil Nadu and the details can be found in the article titled “Get approval for unapproved plots in Chennai”.

The application for regularization often includes fees titled as penalization charges which will consider the total plot area. The penalization charges include betterment charges and development charges. Since this approval causes reduction in open spaces within the city, a fee called OSR (Open Space Reservation) charge is levied.

The major benefit of getting approval from DTCP or CMDA is the entitlement to get building approval. This can be an assurance that the building cannot be demolished without proper procedure laid out for approved layouts. The demolition of buildings constructed on approved land is quite uncommon and is often discouraged, without strong justification, by the legal system.  These benefits are unavailable for unapproved layouts. The property value will also increase substantially if approval is sought and this will increase the resale value. The scope of transparency in transaction is increased and resale is also easier. Banks will only be able to fund building construction or renovation when the land is approved. Banks might also not allow or provide loans for residential construction on nanjai/punjai land or agricultural land.

The disadvantages of owning unapproved land are numerous. The penalty levied increases with the length of period for which the unapproved plot is owned including the period prior to the execution of sale deed. It is often considered illegal to provide water and sewer connections to such buildings constructed on unapproved land. As building plan approval will not be provided for such unapproved plots, possibility of demolition of such buildings cannot be discounted.


+1 #76 bhakasar 2016-06-01 09:05

then how come these panchyathi layouts lands selling and doing registration at register office what basic.

there only govt can stop these type of issue instead allow to people to do cheat public
+1 #75 Shanky 2016-05-13 11:30
Why the Government is allowing to sell "Panchayat approved plots". Instead of regularizing and penalizing they should not allow to sell such plots and penalizing the promoters.
0 #74 Krishna 2016-04-13 17:36
Hi Ashton,

Have you checked the layout approval plan?

Thanks and regards,
0 #73 Ashokkumar.B 2016-04-12 16:45
Dear Sir, i have a Patta land around 1800+600 sqft ... Right now i am trying to change the Patta name transfer ..At the time of application, they told only CMDA approved patta avilable 1800.. Remaining 600 is under road... But i have a old owner name patta.. mentioning 5 Cents .... How i can get the complete 2400 sq.ft CMDA approved patta for my land. pls suggest..
-1 #72 Krishna 2016-03-11 09:29
Hi Srigopal,

I have responded to your query in the below link:

Please feel free to ask any further query in the above mentioned link so that I can get back to you on a quick note. I sometimes do not get or check notification for comments posted in articles.

Thanks and readers,
0 #71 srigopal 2016-03-10 17:05
sir i have purchased a 220sq yards land in dtcp approved layout and costructes a building as per muncipal approval. but after completion muncipality had demolised compound wall saying we have encroached road.
but the fact is we have constructed as per our registered document not even a singlr inch is more . the muncipality is saying the houses behind us which are already there may have grabbed that .
sir please tell me wether the muncipality is not reponsible for not regulating the buildings and seeing that nobody enters any others plot.wether muncipality is not responsible for not protecting my plot and road . the muncipality should inspect the buildings when in constuction and seeall the boundaries are maintained. who is really resposible.? what remedy can i seek? pl tell
-1 #70 Krishna 2016-02-15 07:37
Hi Mathiazhagan,

Had the problem been resolved?

Thanks and regards,
-1 #69 Krishna 2016-02-15 07:34
Hi Roshan,

It is not possible to get dtcp approval for panchayat approved land.

Thanks and regards,
+2 #68 V.Mathiazhagan 2016-01-11 22:49
I have purchased a land without approval which was sold as resi sites and now I want to construct a building either Commercial or Residential but they are saying that the usage of land is as "Semi-public". When I Bought the land it was under Panchayat area and now it is in Corporation limit. What is the solution?
+1 #67 Roshan nihara 2015-12-16 16:06
Hi friends,
We have a land of 1200sqft at Chengalpet vallam. We have already constructed on a 500 sqft land years ago.Now we are planning to construct another building in 500 sqft land. Our property is on commissioner of panchayat union approval. We have applied for a bank loan. They need dtcp approval. Is there any way that I can get change it to dtcp approval? Have spent a lot for pre loan procedures. If loan is not sanctioned all loss. Pls help.

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