Patta transfer procedure for Tamilnadu and Chennai

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Once a plot is purchased, the most important process is to transfer Patta to the Buyer's name and the process is not difficult anymore.  This article lists the documents needed for Patta transfer and helps in eliminating uncertainties about the entire process.

If you had missed the article on the detailed analysis of obtaining patta, please read the complete guide on patta.  Patta transfer is the most common transaction at any Taluk office. It is a common practice to see a pile of pending transactions at the Taluk office but the State Government has streamlined processes for simple patta transfer. By G.O. 210 dated July 8, 2011, the process has been streamlined and subsequently the Village Administrative Officers (VAO) are empowered to accept applications for simple Patta transfers in certain Taluks. The Taluk office will continue to receive such applications apart from VAO. The Ambattur taluk office has a software system to issue Revenue Patta Transfer (RPT) numbers and are linked to each petition. This process helps in transparency and efficient queuing of files. Some Taluk offices conduct Patta Day to quickly disperse and process patta transfer applications.  These efficient processes were observed in Ambattur Taluk and Tiruvallur district.

The documents required for Patta transfer arising out of a sale include the following:


1) If the seller has Patta, the process is simple with the copy of the old patta submitted to Taluk office. A physical survey is required if the seller does not have Patta in his/her name.

2) Sale deed copy

3) Original documents for verification or attested copies of the documents

4) Application form

5) Copy of Layout sketch (if any)

6) Proof of Possession (if any) such as Corporation property tax receipt, CMWSSB card/ E.B card/certificate

7)Encumbrance certificate

8) Copy of Parent Documents



It is a common question about the ease of doing this transaction at a Government office. This ambiguity has led to rising number of agents who lurk around the Taluk office for finding a prospective client. It is also a common question about hiring a lawyer to obtain a Patta transferred in the buyer’s name. The answer to this question is dependent on the availability of the applicant to spend time on this process. It is not required to hire a lawyer or an agent if the applicant is willing to spend time and effort on this process. Every Taluk has its own processing methodology and capabilities. This could be discussed in our forum about Patta transfer experience in Chennai and tamilnadu.

The patta transfer can include a sub division of plots and there are different dates for accepting such application during the Patta day program discussed earlier.

If you decide to apply for patta transfer, the following important information needs to be filled in the application form.


patta application process



The electronic services provided at certain taluk offices and VAO offices can help clean up the system and provide a transparent environment in these scandal prone departments. However the efforts need to be extended to all Taluk offices across Tamilnadu and Chennai if these innovative approaches are to be realized by the common man.


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0 #2 Vijay Viswanathan 2014-08-26 19:22
Hi Joycee,

I have responded to your query in the below link:

Please feel free to post any further query or comments in the above thread so that I can get back to you on a quick note.

0 #1 joycee james 2014-08-26 17:12
on august 1st I prepared all document to pay tax for my vacant land which I brought 22 years back everything was ready encumbrance certificate, attested copy of parent document and original document,photo of the land everything on that day internet was not working., thought of submitting it in the next day. But i forgot the full set in the taxi . Now I am afraid whether they will miss use it .please advice me

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