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QUERY ABOUT UNAPPROVED PLOT 6 months 2 weeks ago #8539

Dear Sir,
We have purchased a 1800 square feet unapproved plot in Puzhuthivakkam in 2005. We got the building plan approval from Panchyat by paying OSR, Development & others charges and we constructed the building.
Now we are planning to sale so before going for a sale I want clarity on the below points.
Please guide me on this.
1) In my street almost most of the plots are approved only. My question is still my plot approved or unapproved plot or i need to go for approval. If i want go for a approval what has to be done in this case.
2) We still pay property & metro water tax it comes under Corporation zone.
3) While we registering the document we missed add plot boundaries (dimensions) in document only the plot size is mentioned. Here what has to be done. If I want add the same now what has to be done.
4) And Patta is still previous buyer name only.
Please guide me on this.
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