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Open space setbacks for residential, commercial an...
21 May 2015 22:00 - Krishna

Setback space refers to the space between the building outline and the outline of the plot. We had t [ ... ]

Methods of assessments of Property tax
21 May 2015 04:27 - Vijay Viswanathan

In Chennai property tax assessment is done using the following method of reasonable letting value. T [ ... ]

Ways of calculating VAT Value added tax in Karnata...
20 May 2015 01:05 - Krishna

VAT and service tax are calculated only for under construction properties and not for constructed pr [ ... ]

Benaami property can bring 7 years of jail term
14 May 2015 22:54 - Krishna

People found to be engaging in Benami transactions will have to face heavy imprisonment to a maximum [ ... ]

Prices rise appreciation by 10% over the past four...
14 May 2015 04:08 - Krishna

According to RBI, Residential Property Index over the past 19 quarters, has seen an upward trend. It [ ... ]