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TOPIC: Don't buy Property- Bhoomika Projects (Bangalore)

Don't buy Property- Bhoomika Projects (Bangalore) 4 months 3 weeks ago #8590

Dear NRI’s; IT/Non-IT professionals; IT union leaders; Media members,

I would like to share information about this company (Bhoomika Projects India Pvt Ltd). They are promoters; the words of Elangovan and Sreelatha’s are not to be trusted. Do not waste your hard earned money and buy your dream property with this company. You will lose your peace of mind.

Please don’t buy any property through Bhoomika Projects India Pvt Ltd (Promoters) because they are a fraudulent company that will not or cannot complete projects within the committed time of a sale agreement. The owner/director Elangovan and Sreelatha both have proven to be dishonest people. I have paid 25% of the total cost in March 2016. As of today, either I did not get my money back or the land possession so I am now taking legal action.
Bhoomika Projects director Elangovan reached out to my father who is 74 years old and threatened to deduct 20% from the initial deposit and will refund the amount only after 90 days.

All their testimonials on the site are fake and don’t trust them until you see the actual person face to face. These kinds of individuals give false references. Here Sreelatha changed her name as ‘Varshini’ and posting messages so please don’t trust this company.
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