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 Are you a professional author or do you wish to be a freelance author? Join us and help us create an open and transparent society! We publish latest news, opinions, analysis stories, in depth reviews, project-launches which are related to real estate in India. Please note that we only publish original articles which have not been submitted to any other publisher. 


How to join as an author?

Please fill the application form and submit. Please note to include any details about your previous experience in real estate or article writing. We also encourage people with no prior experience to apply for this position. 

What to write?

As stated above, we publish news articles related to real estate in India. You will be free to choose a topic from a list of topics provided by us. We will provide you with a list of key information that should be included in the article. You are also free to choose a topic and contact us for pre-approval on the topic. We suggest you to include a picture which should be related to the article. If you choose to include an image, the image size must be at least 800 pixels by 800 pixels. You may include more pictures of different sizes apart from the image with the above specification. The images must be taken by you and must be your original content. We do not allow images from the internet. If you intend to purchase an image, please provide the copyright details and a proof of purchase. 

How long do we have to complete an article after a topic is chosen?

At any time, will allow you to work on one article (2 in case you have submitted an article for review). will give you one week’s time to write an article. However, you are free to write it in a shorter period of time. Once you have written the article, you would need to submit it for review with the subject “Article Reviews- <Author User-ID>-<Title of article> to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once you submit an article for review, will take three days to review the article and provide you a feedback on changes or additions that need to be made. During these three days, we will provide you with another selection of topics from which you can choose a topic to work on. Once the review is done, you can make the changes/additions within three days and resubmit the copy. Once the article is accepted, we will inform you about it and make the payment for the same. 

How to send the article?

The first step is to register at It is very simple and will not take more than 5 minutes. 

Once your article is ready, please send the article and image(s) to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> with the subject "Article Review- <Author User-ID> - <Title of Article>". 

Will you provide us references and help us in writing an article?

We will provide you a topic and a few references, if requested, based on which you can write the article. However, if you research and add additional information, the performance bonus will be positively affected. We like to reward authors who are willing to learn and provide original content. We will provide all the assistance you need to help you write informative articles. 

How to Setup payment account?

Once your trial articles are published and you are confirmed as a registered author, we will set up a payment account for you. We will require your bank account number, branch, etc. for electronic transfer using NEFT. If you prefer a cheque, please provide us with the latest address. We will contact you to obtain your preference and payment details. You may be able to verify the payment account using a unique link. 

How much is the payment?

The payment depends on certain parameters such as quality of article, author reputation, author interaction with readers and their comments, etc. The basic component of the payments are processed within 30 days of publication. The payment structure will be notified to you when we send the offer letter to you. The basic component of payment ranges from Rs 200 to Rs. 800 based on profile. We also perform a quarterly review of current authors and their articles and roll-out a quarterly bonus.

Basic (Per Article)

Additional Bonus

Payment frequency

Rs. 200-800

Quarterly Bonus (articles written in previous quarter will be used for evaluation subject to a minimum article life of 2 months. Otherwise it will be carried forward to the next quarter.)

Per article basis (accumulated payment if more than one article is written during payment period)


How to get Payment?

Once your account reaches Rs.500, you may request for payment. A transaction charge of Rs.5 will be charged for NEFT transactions and Rs.50 for sending cheques. Please note that payment will be made only to an account in India. Please check your account balance and send an email to us when you require a payment. 

Copyright and Republication

Once you submit the article and a payment is made, the content rights are transferred to If you wish to republish the article, please contact us through e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . has the right to decline such requests but we may consider it on a case to case basis. 


Please ensure to list all contacts with their designation. For example, if you interacted with the Commissioner of police, ensure to include his name. If your source does not wish to quote his/her name, please mention it as unofficial contacts. We will not publish unofficial contacts.


  1. Always provide full name of the contact. Ex. ‘The commissioner P.Thangavelu defended the action’.
  2. If the contact wishes to be anonymous, please let us know about it and we will not publish his name. However it is important to provide the contact details to our editors. 
  3. Always ask for a source when some statistics are provided. If it is publicly available, verify it and quote it. If it was computed by the source, ask them for the mode of computation.
  4.  Whenever possible, talk to the authorized representative who can reveal data to the press. Inform the source or contact that you will mention their name. If they back out, include them as anonymous contact.
  5. Refer to full name when you introduce someone. You may use their last name in subsequent reference. For example, if the name is Prof. Santhanam Reddy”, you may use the complete name when you introduce him and later refer to him as “Prof. Reddy”.
  6. No digital modification of picture is allowed. Please include the original picture. If the image was obtained from an external source, please include a copy of purchase proof and copyright information. If the rights were provided without a fee, attach the correspondence with the author of the image.
  7. Citations are very important. Never take articles and claim it to be your article.

 What authors should not do!

  1. We encourage original content writing. Never blatantly copy information from other sites or articles as this would be considered as plagiarism. We do monthly plagiarsm checks to ensure that our articles have not been copied from any third party source. If an author is found to do be involved in plagiarism, his/her articles may not be published. We also will not make any payments to such authors.  
  2. Once you submit your article to, do not post the same article to your personal blog or on any social networking sites like facebook or google plus, etc.  Once your article is published, you can share that link on your blog or social media pages.  
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