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Mistakes in tax returns could be caught
27 Aug 2014 01:55 - Krishna

The tax department has decided to try and find tax evaders. Those taxpayers who filed their tax retu [ ... ]

Wealth Tax
26 Aug 2014 06:20 - Krishna

 There are few, if any of us, who do not know about income tax. Every Indian citizen pays incom [ ... ]

New Capital gain exemption policies
25 Aug 2014 12:27 - Krishna

With the new budget, quite a few changes have hit investors especially with respect to Income tax la [ ... ]

Government Servant conduct rules for purchase of P...
25 Aug 2014 03:07 - Poornimaa

Buying a property is an important goal for many of us including those who serve under the government [ ... ]

Kharab land
18 Aug 2014 09:23 - Krishna

Kharab lands are those lands that are non cultivable and that are classified as such for revenue exe [ ... ]

Featured News

Get Reliable internet with your new home
09 Aug 2014 23:34 - Vijay Viswanathan

Internet broadband connections in India have been lagging behind the international standards althoug [ ... ]

Free Encumbrance certificate (EC) online for Tamil...
16 Jun 2014 09:31 - Vijay Viswanathan

In an effort to reduce corruption and increase transparency, the State Government has initiated a ne [ ... ]

Indian Real Estate Bubble 2014- will it burst?
18 Dec 2013 03:47 - Krishna Krishnan Houses

Since 2008, people have been concerned about the escalating property values. This year, the fear has [ ... ]

Panchayat approval vs DTCP vs CMDA approval of lan...
14 Dec 2013 11:35 - Vijay Viswanathan

The most commonly marketed plots in and around Chennai include Panchayat, CMDA and DTCP approved plo [ ... ]

Patta, Chitta and Adangal documents for Land- A co...
08 Dec 2013 09:49 - Krishna Krishnan

As soon as a buyer decides to purchase a land, one of the documents that the buyer first checks is t [ ... ]

Bangalore Guidance value 2013: High rise apartment...
03 Sep 2013 12:04 - Vijay Viswanathan

The new guidance values in Bangalore and norms stipulated along with them include a floor based and  [ ... ]

Things to do before buying land
29 Jul 2013 05:42 - Krishna Krishnan

 Planning to buy a plot? Well here are some of the things that you need to look into before buy [ ... ]

Rules NRIs should know before investing in Real Es...
27 Jul 2013 03:28 - Krishna Krishnan

The rupee has fallen by 7% in the last year and by about 39% when compared to its value five years a [ ... ]

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