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  • Krishna replied to the topic 'Land Registered but patta is delayed' in the forum.
    12 hours 22 minutes ago

    1. Yes, patta is mandatory for selling.
    2. You...


  • Yoganand created a new topic ' Land Registered but patta is delayed' in the forum.
    12 hours 24 minutes ago


    I'am an NRI and I bought a piece of...

  • Harish replied to the topic 'Pashmina Brookwoods: reviews discussions' in the forum.
    12 hours 26 minutes ago

    pashmina Developers is one of the good...

  • Krishna replied to the topic 'applying for patta in chennai' in the forum.
    12 hours 39 minutes ago

    Hi Madhu,

    Sale with computerized patta...

  • Madhu A S created a new topic ' applying for patta in chennai' in the forum.
    12 hours 42 minutes ago

    I am the owner of a residential lot in...


    land purchased by wife in her name and part payment by me. Not intimated then. Now joint housing loan has been taken for construction of house. Intimation for home loan filed late by me. Is there any action by competent authority ? Kindly guide.

    Krishna What do you mean by competent authority?
    12 hours 46 minutes ago
  • Sam
    2 weeks ago

    Hi.. I have bought a flat in Chennai last year by bank loan, my flat is one among the 20 flats in the gated community. All flats are situated in Plot A and B. All flats are divided into Block A and Block B. My flat is in Block B and Plot B. The problem is in my document the UDS and Plot address are mentioned as Plot A . Is there a problem? If so how come the bank approved this Flat and given loan?

    Krishna Bank cannot be held accountable to verify all properties for the buyer. Banks normally verify document for their own purposes and not for the buyers. I believe all that can be done at this point is to fix the issue. Ask the builder whether a rectification deed could be done and if so, the issue should be resolved.
  • Sivakumar
    2 weeks ago


    Krishna Sorry, I did not understand your question.
  • mohan
    2 weeks ago

    hello all ,
    i have plan to buy penthouse in Bangalore which is in unapproved floor and i am investing my entire amount into that with some of loan amount,here problems is loan can not be approved for unapproved floor so that builder adjusting with bank and making it possible. please advice possibilities in future the apartment was built in 2016 , akram sakram applicable ? if no what will effect ? thanks in advance

    Krishna No akrama sakrama is not currently applicable. Normally reguarization is done for old properties so it might take a few decades for a law to be launched to regularize a property built now.
  • suresh
    3 weeks ago

    Can a Gramanatham Land can be in to a Patta land Is It possible?

    Krishna You can get natham patta for gramanatham land but not regular patta.
  • Krishnan
    3 weeks ago

    Hi All,
    I have registered a construction agreement in Coimbatore under my mothers name. The property is still under construction and slated to complete by Sep'2017. Now I want to do the UDS registration(Sale Deed) under my wife's name. Is it possible to do it that way? Thanks, Krishnan

    Krishna No, that is not possible. If you go that way, it might cause complications.
  • Balaji Raghavachari
    3 weeks ago

    Hello All,
    I have planned to buy a land along with new build house in Mangadu, Chennai around 600Sq ft area and totally covered by houses and entrance is in 30ft road. Its an unapproved land. Becoz there is no approval from DTCP. But it is approved by Local Panchayat and he got OSR for this land.
    Can i brought this land without DTCP approval and based on OSR certificate? OSR is enough to buy? thx

    Krishna OSR certificate is not enough to buy such lands. Normally DTCP approval is required. panchayat approval is not properr approval except in some areas.
  • Prithivi Raj
    3 weeks ago

    How to check dtcp approval

  • V Senthil kumar
    4 weeks ago

    I bought patta land chennai near Mudichur i want get approved OSR for Land and bulding approval but some agency ask 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs estimae its really true estmate or guide me how to get please guide me

    Krishna It depends on the guideline value of land and the total extent of land.
  • Krishna replied to the topic 'How to get Dc converted site legalized' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Vinod,

    Currently there are no other...

  • vinod created a new topic ' How to get Dc converted site legalized' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    I have purchased a site in BBMP...

  • Krishna replied to the topic 'Revenue Site - Non DC Coverted' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago


    Do you have land approval...

  • Madhu replied to the topic 'Revenue Site - Non DC Coverted' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for your reply. This...

  • Krishna replied to the topic 'Construction on Grama Natham Poromboke' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Arun,

    I believe that a natham land...

  • Arun Kumar created a new topic ' Construction on Grama Natham Poromboke' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Sir,

    We are planning to build a new...

  • Jish replied to the topic 'Pashmina Brookwoods: reviews discussions' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Visited site last week, liked the model...

  • Krishna replied to the topic 'RULES REGULATION OF BUYING LAND IN KARNATAKA' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Harsha,

    Yes, normally when buying a...

  • HARSHA B G created a new topic ' RULES REGULATION OF BUYING LAND IN KARNATAKA' in the forum.
    4 weeks ago


  • Venkatesh
    1 month ago

    Friends, I also own two apartments in Pashmina, booked for 3150 about 4 years back , I have been seeing comments, let us stop this and help builder to complete the project, because of negative comments, I wanted to sell of one of my apartment people are not buying, I spoke to their sale team to sell, they are not doing it as they have to sell their stock.

    Krishna Harish, can you give some details on the technology and materials that they explained to you about. More details would certainly be helpful.

    Additionally, have you invested in the property? If so, how did you judge the quality of the project?
    4 weeks ago
  • John
    2 months ago

    Hi My name is John and I am a NRI, I wanted to by a land which is on the Chengalpattu Kanchipuram High way road. The property is in total 30 cent the first 6 sent has a house and the back of the house 24 cent is a empty land attached to the house which is a Natham. the owner is selling it to me 2 lach per cent. can any one help me to understand what are the legal issues this land has got it.

  • Ranjeet singh
    2 months ago

    In my vacant plot in Bangalore they have written OS2860,16 what is that and what I have to do next kindly reply
    Ranjeet fingh

    Krishna Hi Ranjeet,

    I believe what you meant to say is O.S. 2860/14. If so, I believe there is a suit going on your property. O.S. stands for original suit. Hope this helps.

    4 weeks ago
  • Satish
    2 months ago

    Hello, I own a flat on 4th floor near Hebal. Builder constructed 4th floor without approval from authorities. I bought when it was under consyruction. All the paper work Katha, property tax and electricity is all in order.
    I'm having difficulty in selling because banks don't approve loans for 4th floor flats. Do I need to apply for Akarma -Sakarma to
    resolve this issue. Please respond. Thanks

    Krishna Normally owner hbas to apply for it. There are many places applying for akrama sakrama but I cant vouch whether they are any good.
    12 hours 20 minutes ago
  • urmila created a new topic ' site alloteed by BDA' in the forum.
    2 months ago

    I am a alottee of BDA site. my property...

  • Krishna replied to the topic 'Temporary Awning on private terrace' in the forum.
    2 months ago

    Sadly, any change in building plan would...

  • Tripuresh created a new topic ' Temporary Awning on private terrace' in the forum.
    2 months ago

    Hi All
    I have purchased flat in a...

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